Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well Hello All,

I have just recieved my 79th Cartridge and its a keeper! I simply adore this cart and so far I am having fun with it. I just created a simple Glitzy girlie card and I think it came out great. (Hello Kitty Greeting)

Such a great investment! I purchased the Cricut Embossing Kit and Oh all I can say the possibliities are endless and I am just getting started! I created this card for my hubby embossing his nickmane"Scoop" and he loved it. I used the BlackLetter Cart size 3 1/2" and used a metallicbronze card to came out lovely.

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  1. Wow - I thought I had a lot of carts - I am only in the 40s!! So many carts, so little money - he he!

    Nice blog!


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