Monday, January 11, 2010

Challenge Myself Photo

This is my Challenge Photo of the Day, My Inspiration; This month is full of birthdays in my family. Happy Birthday to my Honey (Jan. 25th)

Lets Challenge Ourselves!!

Scrapbooking, Cards, Layouts....oh my!!.....
Ok,..Im new to this blog*extravangaza world, but I get so inspired with the countless creativity I see on so many blogs and more. I decided to challenge myself to create something every other day (starting today). I want to express creativity and to make the use out of every Cricut Cart I have.

This is such a creative process, I want to share!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy

I just want to wish a Happy Birthday to all of us celebrating a Birthday in the Month of January, Including myself. So I created this card using "Sweet Treats" and "Gypsy Wanderings" to show Birthday Spirit!...So Happy Birthday to us all and many, many, many, more....


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have to Give Thanks...

I really wanted to make a special card for a friend and nothing simply says personalization than "Hand Made" and I know she will love it when I give it to her tomorrow. I used Kathy Orta's method to make the flower (but added a little Latoyachere flare) But it was such a great tutorial! (Way to go Kathy)

I used "Thanks" from Gypsy Wanderings and used my cuttlebug to emboss the little black tag under the "Thanks" I used the 6 petal flower from Accent Essentials
I think it turned out pretty darn cute ...... :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well Hello All,

I have just recieved my 79th Cartridge and its a keeper! I simply adore this cart and so far I am having fun with it. I just created a simple Glitzy girlie card and I think it came out great. (Hello Kitty Greeting)

Such a great investment! I purchased the Cricut Embossing Kit and Oh all I can say the possibliities are endless and I am just getting started! I created this card for my hubby embossing his nickmane"Scoop" and he loved it. I used the BlackLetter Cart size 3 1/2" and used a metallicbronze card to came out lovely.

A Creative Expression...