Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dedicated to my Darling!

Because he is my everything, my rock, bestfriend, biggest fan & supporter!! Honey you are my "Sunshine" made with my Imagine.

My Very First Card using the IMAGINE

Yes, I had to use the "Best Friends" cart from the Imagine..and it is simply adorable, this is just a tester card but I had to see how it works, now I just have to decorate it!!

IMAGINE is here...

Well I'm getting to know my imagine an I must say that the color/ quality of the prints are beautiful, I just wish there was more to do with the existing carts we already own. But here are a few cards that I have done! I did actually have fun making them and it cut my time in more than half, this is very quick to do although I do like layering by my own selection...I like the speediness of this!!


Hi All

Hi all, haven't been here in a while, so much has happened! Lets get a quick update..well you know have been busy scrapping and making this, and making that! I have done wonderful baby shower invitations using my beloved Expression...and the birthday invitations for a 50Th Birthday party!! Now I have used the IMAGINE.. i must say I love the machine, but not in love with it..maybe it has to grow on me, I'm pretty sure it will! any who here are so projects to update you on, with what I have been doing....take care and happy creating!!

A Creative Expression...